SHRM Affiliate Program for Excellence (SHAPE)

SHAPE outlines the minimum requirements for SHRM chapters and state councils to remain in good standing with national SHRM on an annual basis. It outlines goals and measurements that must be met in order for chapters and state councils to receive recognition from SHRM. SHAPE is a reporting and planning tool designed to: • Assist chapters in planning and setting annual goals:

  • Develop effective and well-managed chapters
  • Serve as a tool for SHRM to gather and share information on successful chapter activities
  • Recognize excellence in chapter operations.

In addition, chapters will be able to earn Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze status under the "SHRM Excel Award" based on their SHAPE accomplishments. SHAPE is broken down into categories that every chapter should do to be successful and to operate smoothly. Some of the basic requirements include financial and legal management, chapter communications and promotion of SHRM. Other categories includes chapter operations, which among many things includes membership recruitment and retention. Member services is another category included, which encompasses professional development of members, award programs and employment assistance. HR Leadership in the community and general leadership in regard to college relations, diversity, government affairs, relationship building, information sharing HRCI Certification, SHRM Foundation and Workforce Readiness are also included in the SHAPE.